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3M Health Information Systems is a leading provider of software solutions and services that assist healthcare organisations capture, classify and utilise data accurately and efficiently. 3M offers expert local clinical and technical training and support. The training courses in this section provide education for participants in effective use of the software. Please click on the courses below to view more information about each course. If you are logged in, you'll be able to access the on-line training.

HIS Webinar 1 : HIS Webinar 1
In this webinar, Mikaela Wilkins discusses the functionality of Web Codefinder including an introduction to the 3M Integrated Codebook.

HIS Webinar 2 : HIS Webinar 2
In this webinar, Judy Finn explains the Grouper flags used in 3M Web Codefinder. The participant’s knowledge with be reinforced by an overview of each of the grouper flags and how these impact the DRG assignment.

HIS Webinar 3 : 9th Ed Changes Webinar
In this webinar, Mikaela Wilkins introduces the changes in Codefinder for ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Ninth Edition. Participants will be educated on the major changes in coding pathways.

HIS Webinar 4 : 3M™ Code Finder™ Tips
In this webinar, Judy Finn details tips and tricks for using Codefinder to help ensure efficient and productive use of the software.

HIS Webinar 5 : 3M™ Codefinder™ Software Compliance Edits
This webinar demonstrates  the use and management of edits within the  3M™ Codefinder™  Software including disabling specific edits.

HIS Webinar 6 : Are 3M™ Codefinder and 3M™ Grouper software one and the same?
In this presentation Meegan Snell explains the differences between 3M™ Codefinder Software  and 3M™ Grouper Software.

HIS Webinar 7 : Introducing AR-DRG Version 8.0
In this webinar you will learn about the  major changes with the introduction of AR-DRG Version 8.0.

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